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Fort Stockton Home, Mission Hills, oil on canvas approx 26 x 29 inches, 2015

Fort Stockton Home, Mission Hills, oil on canvas approx 26 x 29 inches, 2015

Why make a painting of your home?

Consider transforming your home, garden, or your favorite scene into a unique painting that compliments your artistic sensibility. Not only will it celebrate your abode but it will allow you to share this vision with your loved ones and their descendants for many generations. I will paint a portrait of your home in my contemporary painterly realist style that provides a feast for the eyes with sophisticated design and expressive color that any art lover will appreciate, not just the homeowner.

Home portraits are a uniquely exceptional gift for any occasion. It can also be especially welcomed gift for someone recently purchasing or selling a home, family members who have moved away or to simply as a gift to yourself to celebrate your pride and joy of home ownership through art.

Marilouise Way home in Mission Hills

In addition to home portraits, you might consider a close-up view of a much loved part of your home such as your porch or garden patio which could include colorful, light-filled views of flowers and other garden plantings. Other options could be an interior views of your home, or perhaps a view from a window. I can also my you a painting of your favorite view of the landscape such as any view important to you such as a outdoor wedding site, workplace view, vacation spot, boating scene or even a still-life of a loved one’s favorite belongings. I am open to painting anywhere and pretty much anything in the greater San Diego area. I don’t make portraits but would be happy to refer you to a portrait artist if needed.

Mission Hills Home

How it works

My smaller oil paintings are broadly painted on site. I set up my easel on the spot where we decide captures the best view. The time of day is important as the light is often essential to best show the character of your home and surroundings. I generally stand somewhere near your home at the same time each day, usually during the morning or late afternoon for about 3 hours for each sitting. Depending on the complexity of the scene it may take 2 or more sittings for a small painting (11 by 14 inch range) or several sittings for the larger paintings. My oil paintings are created on either a high quality archival board or linen.

Hortensia St Home

I work closely with you to get the viewpoint you wish to see depicted. Larger, more detailed and ambitious paintings will allow for an even greater client input to insure every element is exactly the way you desire. I can work with any size and other considerations needed for where the painting will be displayed. High quality prints and greeting card reproductions of the painting are also available on request.

Cliff May Home in Mission Hills

My preference is to paint from observation but in some cases this isn’t practical and then use studies, drawings, photographic reference and memory to paint the scene. My 35 years of painting from direct observation has given me the skills needed to avoid the many problems often seen in paintings made from photographs alone. I would be happy to consult with you the feasibility of working from photographic reference when that is the only option.

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St. James St House

About Larry Groff

I have been painting for 35 years and studied with the internationally prominent cityscape painters George Nick and John Moore. I received an MFA from Boston University, studied at the Yale Summer School for Art and Music and a BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art. I have had a solo show of my work at the Prince Street Gallery in New York City as well as showing work at the Sherry French Gallery in NYC and in other galleries and museums in the Boston area. I’ve now been living in the San Diego area for the past four years and recently have been focusing on painting views of fine San Diego homes as well as my other landscape and cityscape paintings.

This site features examples of my paintings done of a variety of architectural styles in a wide cross section of San Diego neighborhoods that demonstrate how I might be able to artistically respond to your artful home. On my “Inspirations” page I show art historical examples of paintings made by great artists of people’s homes and gardens, to show the range of artistry and tradition in depicting views of homes, gardens and other architectural structures. This may help you consider possibilities in what might make a grand painting for your own situation.

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Lydon Road Home

Pt Loma Home
Home in Pt Loma, 16 x 28 inches, Oil on Linen